About this Course

Being a series regular (an actor who appears on most or all of the episodes of a TV show in a single season) is a unique position with specific demands and unspoken expectations. As a seven time series regular, it’s always been shocking to me how no one ever sits you down and explains everything you need to know about the position before you book it. This course is designed to explain what is required of you BEFORE you book the job. In this course we will discuss:

  • Why a series regular audition is different from any other kind of role you will audition for and how to approach it
  • The work that comes before booking the job
  • How to take true creative ownership of the role and put your indelible stamp on it
  • The unspoken responsibilities both on and off the set
  • How a series regular is not only a role you play on a show but a position in a larger corporation called "Hollywood"
  • Leveraging your role to build a solid team around you
  • How to manage your money to ensure a long and lasting career
  • Using your role to secure the next job
  • Why Hollywood needs you

"I'm going to pull back the curtain on my own career to prepare you for the gig before you've even landed it."

-J. August Richards (Angel, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Council of Dads)

"Hi! I'm J. August Richards...

...and for the last 25 years, I've made my living as a professional actor in LA. I've been fortunate to be a series regular SEVEN TIMES in my career so far on shows such as Angel (WB), Conviction (NBC), Raising the Bar (TNT), Notorious (ABC), Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (NBC), Council of Dads (NBC) and Vampire Academy (Peacock). I've had recurring roles on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (ABC) and Grey's Anatomy (ABC) amongst others and enough guest star roles to amass 250 hours of television. Before that, I received my BFA in Theatre from the USC School of Theatre and pounded the pavement in Los Angeles for many years before making a full time living from acting. I LOVE acting. More specifically, I love the work and the job of being a series regular (I'll teach you the difference in the course). It's a position I truly understand and it is my hope that this course will uplift, inspire and educate you in the way I wish I had been when I graduated from theatre school all those years ago…”

Entertainment Weekly Cover (2019)

In Chapter 6 titled "Money," I tell you exactly how much I was paid to play "Charles Gunn" on Angel and what I think is the biggest mistake I've made in my career so far.

Council of Dads (2020)

In Chapter 5 "Your Team", I discuss how I made an unusual addition to my team in order to give the best performance I could give.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (2013)

In Chapter 7 "Securing the Next Job," I'll teach you what a "strategic role" is and how I used my recurring role as "Mike Peterson/Deathlok" to book my next two series regulars.

Conviction (2006)

In Chapter 3, we'll talk about taking "Creative Ownership" of the character you've been hired to play. I had a great time playing the super cocky "Billy Desmond" in my second series, Conviction (NBC).

Stunt Rehearsal for the pilot of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (2013)

In Chapter 4, we will talk about "The Job" of being a series regular which, to me, is different than "The Work." The job requires you to be a student, leader, ambassador and your own biggest advocate.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (2017)

I was deeply honored to be offered the role of "Deputy Nate Purcell" on Kevin (Probably) Saves the World on ABC. In Chapter 7 "Securing the Next Job," we'll talk about what offers are and what it takes to get them.

Notorious (2016) - Table Read

In Chapter 1, I tell you what I think is the most important thing I can tell you about being an actor and it all happens "Before the Job."

The Real (2016)

Doing press for my 4th series Notorious with the lovely ladies of The Real. In Chapter 5 "Your Team," I'll tell you if I think hiring a publicist makes an impact on your career or not. And if it's worth the money...

Grey's Anatomy (2010)

Playing the young "Chief Webber" with Sarah Paulson as the young "Dr. Ellis Grey" on Grey's Anatomy (ABC). In Chapter 2 "Auditioning," I'll explain why doing the scene "right" is the kiss of death.